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Warm Greetings! My name is Dr. Cory Bank and I have had the honor of helping people develop effective fitness training programs so that they can improve their performance in sports, shed pounds, get stronger, and feel healthier and happier.

As a Certified School Psychologist, a Psychotherapist, and a Peak Performance Coach specializing in sports psychology and fitness coaching, I have been able to use my expertise with hundreds of athletes over the years to effectively achieve their sports and fitness goals while having fun along the way.

You may have seen me as a regularly featured guest on many network television shows including NBC's Today Show. I have completed the Iron Man USA Triathlon and am also a Certified Spinning Instructor. In college, I was a member of the ice hockey and track teams.

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Most fitness plans try to make the person fit the program. I look at it as the other way around where the fitness program should fit you! You are a unique person and your fitness goals will be different than others. "Done For You Fitness Plans" is a personalized fitness program created just for you and serving all athletic abilities! You tell me what you want and I design a special fitness plan tailored to your needs. Whether it is losing weight, getting ready for your first triathlon, getting back in shape after a long time off, building more muscle, sport specific training to better performance, or dealing with pre-competition jitters, you get a top of the line fitness plan. I can provide you tailored fitness plans through email, by phone, in person coaching and training, or a combination-whatever you like! You will get the best physical and psychological tactics that will have you successfully achieve your fitness goals! There are no set up fees, no minimum commitments, and you pay as you go! Some of our more popular fitness packages are the following:

Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
General Description For the recreational through elite athlete that expects and will receive unlimited access to Dr. Bank in their quest to achieve their athletic, sports, and fitness goals! For the recreational and competitive athlete looking to successfully achieve their athletic, sports, and fitness goals through top of the line personalized coaching! For people of all fitness abilities who want personalized coaching to achieve their athletic, sports, and fitness goals at a great economic value!
Review of past training Included Included Included
Set individual fitness goals for each athlete Included Included Included
Detailed description of workouts including type, duration, frequency, intensity, and correct training zones Included Included Included
Motivational strategies Included Included Included
Email contact Unlimited Unlimited Weekly
Workouts sent via email in blocks of 1 week 2 weeks 4 weeks
Training plan updated As often as requested Every 2 weeks Every 4 weeks
Special Discounts Sign up for 5 consecutive months and the 6th month is free! Sign up for 5 consecutive months and the 6th month is 50% off! Sign up for 5 consecutive months and the 6th month is 25% off!
Nutritional tips to optimize training Included Included Not Included
Taper plan for main event/race Included Included Not Included
Phone contact Unlimited Monthly Not included
Adapt your schedule due to unforeseen events Included Not Included Not Included
Sports psychology strategies to maximize performance Included Not Included Not Included
On call 2 hours before and up to your main athletic event/competition Included Not Included Not Included
Investment $599/month $399/month $199/month

The Experts Agree:
Dr. Cory Bank & Done For You Fitness Plans
Are Winners!

"Entering into my 3rd year of triathlons I knew I needed an infusion of something different. I realized I was an athlete who trained "hard but not smart". I did some searching on the web and contacted some friends who were accomplished triathletes. They steered me to Cory. He incorporated my goals into a training plan that has improved my times. In addition, with Cory's background in sports psychology, he is a great motivator. Thanks again Cory." --Larry B

"I finished my first half marathon! I know that I could not have accomplished this without your coaching and support...you took someone who was not a runner and turned me into one! You kept me motivated and told me I could do it (when I didn't think I could), and you were always responsive to questions I had concerning workouts, injuries, nutrition and general health. Thanks again Cory - you are the best!" --Karen D

"My bike ride was super! I felt better riding this time than I ever had. The day was just beautiful. Besides that, the most special part for me is riding and seeing other riders struggling out there while I felt great. Thank you again for all your support!" --BJF

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DISCLAIMER: Please seek medical approval before participating in your fitness activities with doneforyoufitnessplans.